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Dance with Me by OkamiNoAi
Dance with Me
A new character of mine, Serafina, a nomadic dancer/performer who travels with her little brother (who is uncannily good at palmistry).

As for the drawing... Holy crap this was actually really difficult. I'm so terrible at drawing folding clothing and curly hair and she has a lot of both. The colors were also hard for me to coordinate. I'm not very good at colors anyway but "mismatched but still looks nice" was a stretch for me. Her hair took me a week all on its own. >.<

Pose from deliciouslydemonic.deviantart.…
Beast Slayer by OkamiNoAi
Beast Slayer
Okay, not a great pic (photography is not my strong point) but I'm so excited about this doll that I had to share her!

My most recent doll, Hwira, made for my upcoming Gen Con cosplay (I'm going as a DM and making dolls of my PCs). Character details:  she's a lawful-neutral oread fighter, her favorite weapon is her glaive-guissarme, and she once killed a dragon in one hit on accident.

Doll details:  By FAR my most complicated doll to date! Her shoes are removable, as always. Her hair is made up of probably hundreds of little braids, which were then braided into bigger braids, which were all fastened with a metal ring to keep them from unraveling. It was then tied up with a white leather cord. Her chainmail is made from wire and pieces of an old belt of mine. Every "link" was wired together by hand... it took me two months. Her belt is leather, she has a sword with a freshwater pearl embedded in the hilt (because I'm not skilled enough to make her glaive-guissarme), and she has copper sulfate fleshgems (fleshgem:  an oread ornament, sort of a cross between jewelry and tattoos. They're crystals embedded harmlessly into the skin for decoration) down her arms.

I'll probably update with a better picture later, but honestly, Ginger was so cooperative for this. She normally hates having her picture taken but she was very patient with me while I fussed around with lighting and positioning. 
Slowly deleting the embarrassing old deviations and updating my gallery with new stuff...
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Hm... I want to redo some of my old pics, update them and make them... cleaner, more anatomically correct... =d

Anyone have any they want to see redone? (Some of them are off the table; I'm not gonna redo commissions or trades. xD)

I'm thinking Artfully in Love (…) will be the first one to be changed... I love it to death, but lately it's been bothering me. XD


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Recently graduated from college, degree in English with a minor in Spanish.
Hobbies include crocheting plushies, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and writing fiction, especially short stories.

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